1. only photo I was able to take at the IDFWU video shoot! I’m exhausted but had a lot of fun and met some cool people! spotted big sean & kanye. and E-40 said hello to me literally in my face! it was a good and long day/night. IDFWU!!! *big sean voice*

  2. i haven’t broken down in 2 days, but i miss you so much! I will always appreciate you being another mother figure in my life. you’ve always made your home feel like a 2nd home to me growing up on 32nd st. thank you for being another strong, independent and hardworking role model in my life. I love and miss you gram! ❤❤❤❤ #rip

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    I just think this i literally the coolest .. wut people come up with is beyond me.. :)

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    Birds of Prey by Gustan Koumantaros © 2014

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